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What are the deeper emotional reasons behind why you're sick with a cold or flu right now?

Let's see what the meta-physical guru, Louise L. Hay, would say in relation to the probable mental cause for a cold or influenza and even a few other common symptoms that go along with having a cold or flu.

Coming from her amazing reference book Heal Your Life, which I think everybody should own, she speaks of the mental causes for physical illness and the metaphysical way to overcome them through the use of affirmations.

She writes that the probable mental cause of colds is due to ‘too much going on at once. Mental confusion, disorder. Small hurts. “I get three colds every winter” type of belief.’

Ever said that before? As a clinician, I hear it all the time and people often just expect to get sick 2-3 times a year.

Are you rushing around all day long? Getting the kids off to school or daycare and you to work? Rushing back to pick them up or be home on time. Then prepare and make supper or at least something to eat so that you don’t take the kids hungry to piano, dance, hockey, whatever. Now that you are home, it’s time for snacks, then bath, then bed. If you're lucky, by this time everyone is so exhausted(I am just reminiscing back to these days) you all just pass out come bedtime or perhaps this is the time when you lack the patience and have to deal with the tantrums that come with this hour.? Ever read the book, Go the F**k to sleep by Adam Mansbach?

Louise writes that the probable mental cause of influenza is “response to mass negativity and beliefs. Fear. Belief in statistics.”

Watch the news incessantly? Fighting with your spouse? Upset because you think you should have more money?

Want to hear a few more mental causes for the common symptoms of a cold or flu? ...Yes!? Me too :-)

Louise L. Hay writes that the probable mental cause for coughs is ‘a desire to bark at the world. “See me! Listen to me!”’

Especially as babies become more independent and speak more they are very prone to coughs.

The probable mental cause for a fever according to Louise is “Anger. Burning up.”

Honestly, if your child has a fever ask if anything is upsetting them. Their fever will often decrease if they are given the opportunity and have the energy to just talk about their experience of life and be listened to. Seriously!

The probable mental cause for a sore throat according to Louise L. Hay is, “holding in angry words. Feeling unable to express the self.”

Again, this is common with kids realizing their independence and trying to speak more. This is also super prevalent with couples who are silently fighting.

OK just one more, I promise!

Louise writes that the probable mental cause for a runny nose is “asking for help. Inner crying.”

Especially when children are learning to communicate or if a child is speech delayed or impaired, I know it to be true that they can often be prone to runny noses.

People have been using affirmations forever! They can also be referred to as mantras.

If our thoughts in fact create our reality, then let's change them to best suit our health, our dreams and aspirations, our relationships and really anything.

Before you begin changing and enhancing your life with affirmations and even if you already use them, take the time to continue reading this entire article to learn how incorporating 3 essential ingredients, inspired by former monk Dandapani, can greatly maximize the efficacy of your results.

Most people just say and repeat words but with no visualization or feeling. With affirmations 3 ingredients are necessary for optimal success:

1) concise choice of positive words
2) clear visualization
3) a corresponding feeling

For example if I say “I love art”. This is a concise choice of positive words. My mind knows I am talking about me when I say the word “I”. When I say the word “love” my mind knows she likes it. She enjoys it. She adores it.

When I say the word “art” my mind gets confused because it’s searching my entire hard drive, my entire subconscious, from the day I was born for every occurrence of the word art, art I have seen in stores, art I have created, art I have liked or appreciated, the different kinds of art, art galleries - all over the world, ones I have been to and ones I haven't, my kids art, art I need to take a picture of before I recycle it, the list goes on.

What art is she talking about? I have no idea. Right? So having a choice of positive words alone is not enough.

That's why we have visualization.

When I say “I love art” and I visualize an oceanus piece of landscape art, my mind goes oh, that's what she's talking about. I love art! She loves the ocean and bright blue scenic landscapes with sunsets and palm trees.

It's a particular type and style of art. So that's why words and visualization are so important.

OK, now for a corresponding feeling.

Feeling is emotion. Emotion is energy.

Famous engineer and scientist Nichola Tesla one said, “if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Everything is made up of energy that's vibrating at a certain frequency. Every chain has molecules and atoms that are vibrating at a certain frequency binding it together creating a certain matter.

So how are we any different? Your subconscious is filled with patterns that are vibrating at a certain frequency. You can attract things of a similar nature to it.

If I go into my subconscious, I repeat an affirmation, which has a concise choice of positive words, clear visualization and I infuse a feeling into it, it starts to vibrate in my subconsciousness with that frequency. Now it attracts anything of a similar vibration or similar frequency towards it.

I'll give you an example, a husband and wife are married for 10 years and then they divorce. The husband reunites with his friends to get over the relationship. The wife watches chick flicks, eats chocolate, drinks wine, shops with her girlfriends for the next few months. Finally she says I'm over him, I am good and starts dating other men again.

She's frustrated and keeps wondering why she keeps attracting guys with similar characteristics as her ex husband. You know the same guy, just with a different name…

It's because she has vibrations that have experiences, emotional experiences, that are vibrating at the same frequency as her ex in her subconsciousness. While her new boyfriend is a different person, he vibrates at the same frequency as her ex-husband. This is because she hasn’t changed her vibrational frequency around men she wants to have in her life.

Energy doesn't discriminate and know how to decipher between what's good for you and what's not good for you. It's just energy so anything of a certain frequency can get drawn to you.

If you know how the subconscious works, you can program it by using these 3 components when using affirmations which again are, using a concise choice of positive words, clear visualization and a corresponding feeling. Feeling being the most important component because it's the actual energy that attracts. Then you can draw on and bring into your life anything you want!

I have been using affirmations for nearly 30 years and it's not until I do, that my physical issues get fully addressed or resolved.

For the past couple years I have been using a mala prayer necklace in my morning meditation and silently repeat my affirmation on each and every bead, for a total of 108 times, because there are 108 beads.

4 common affirmations I use in my family and with clients when we are fighting a cold or flu are:

-I am strong, resilient and healthy.
-I release all restrictions and I am free from all congestion.
-I am acknowledged in the most positive ways.
-peace and harmony surround me now and always.

I would choose just one of these affirmations and repeat it over and over again with a corresponding visualization and feeling of me in a healthy state, on 108 beads, 108 times, so you can imagine how your subconscious gets reprogrammed!?

If 108 times seems like too much for you or perhaps a loved one, get a smaller mala. 108 is just a multiple of 18, 18 being a number linked to the word “chai” in Hebrew which means “life”.

Half of a Mala necklace contains 54 beads, a mala for your wrist might contain 36 beads or even 18 for a smaller wrist. If even 18 times a day even seems too much try saying one affirmation for 1 to 3 minutes every morning & night or anytime you find yourself daydreaming.

Let's help mentally construct a reality that is more congruent with how we want to feel and ultimately who we want to be.

Kids respond so well to affirmations as a way to deal with sickness and navigate tricky emotions like anxiety, sadness, ADHD, boredom and so much more. Malas kind of act like fidget toys but in my opinion, when incorporated with affirmations, are so much more therapeutic. They can serve as a really enjoyable activity to make together as a family as well.

If your baby is sick and not able to talk yet, say these affirmations to them, such as, “you are strong, resilient and healthy”.

Affirmations are easy, cost nothing, don't take a lot of time, and conceivably one of the most healing and therapeutic tools you will ever integrate into your life.

I challenge you to use my tried-and-true affirmations during this time to help you recover more quickly from your cold or flu. They are included in the free PDF guide that I have put together for you that can be downloaded from my website. You'll also find some other great tools there that I’m sure you'll find very useful.

Consider incorporating affirmations into your daily routine to help you vibrate at a frequency that helps you attract the people and things into your life that you need and want.

Affirmations continue to powerfully impact my life. Please share this article with someone else that can benefit from this information if you enjoyed it.

Make health your 1st priority. You are worth it!

You are a resilient, vibrant and beautiful soul. Take care of yourself!



This article is for informational purposes only. This article is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. 

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