Please enjoy this collection of Facebook Live recordings where I dive deeper into different topics to help empower you with knowledge and tools so that you can enjoy radiant health!

FB Live: If you’re feeling emotionally disturbed, you’re not alone…

During such an emotional time in history, I thought I would share what I know about emotions from a Chinese medical perspective.


FB Live: Let's Talk About Immunity & All Things Lung Related

I keep coming back to the lung and our immune system and the moral obligation I feel to share with you all I know on how to keep them healthy and strong for the upcoming cold and flu season and anticipated second wave of this pandemic.

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FB Live: Do You Want To Know Your Body Type?

Let me share with you what to look for when uncovering your own body type and constitution so that you can better understand your tendencies and what you may be more prone to, as well as your strengths and weaknesses.

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FB Live: What Is Qi and Why It's So Important To Your Health

Qi is translated as vital life force energy and is the energetic nourishment of our body and mind and ultimately sustains our life from birth. Rooted in over 2500 years of practical application, Qi is a concept used in Chinese Medicine to assess and correct any imbalances in the body.


FB Live: Acupressure Points To Treat Forehead and Back of Head Headaches

In this video I teach you about two common headaches, the probable causes and the corresponding acupressure points that address the root cause of each type of headache.

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FB Live: Treat Headaches In Your Temples Or Top Of The Head

Today I teach you about headaches that are in the temples or on the top of the head and the corresponding acupressure points that address the root cause of each type of headache.



FB Live: Treating Headaches In The Eyes Or Around The Entire Head

Here are 6 acupressure points to treat headaches that are in the eyes or around and on the entire head.I also cover the probable causes and the corresponding acupressure points that address the root cause of each type of headache.


FB Live: 8 Ways To Treat Anxiety Naturally

I personally suffered with anxiety years ago and it was by far the most difficult and debilitating time of my life thus far. I also have a great deal of clinical experience working with anxiety so be sure to take advantage of the clinically proven tried and true suggestions I have for you to implement immediately.

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FB Live: "Exercising Your freedom To Choose Your Healthcare Perspective"

We are so lucky to have the freedom and opportunity to supplement the western medical model of health care with modalities that not only address our symptoms but more importantly the root cause of our concerns.

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FB Live: "Sprinkle A Little TCM In Your TLC Routine"

Sick, not feeling well, or just feeling out of sorts?
Perhaps Sprinkle at a Little TCM in your TLC!?


FB Live: "How Do We Reinvigorate Ourselves This Summer?"

Join me in using the summer solstice to invigorate and uplift ourselves, always, but especially after all that we've gone through in the last few months with the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic?


FB Live: "Does Wind Make Us Agitated?"

Let me share with you how the wind can "invade" the body and the effects it can have on both your mental and physical well-being from a Traditional Chinese Medical perspective.

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