10 Effective Ways to Conquer Seasonal Allergies Naturally

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Is this time of year like a double edged sword for you? Loving the sunshine and warmer weather but dread the heavy, tight and congested head due to seasonal allergies?

I get it! I have been a long time victim of seasonal allergies myself but find that when I incorporate the following tools I drastically reduce the symptoms that I am all too familiar with experiencing.

I was a mothers nightmare child during allergy season!  With a long history of ear problems and antibiotics used to treat them my immune system was weak and vulnerable making me the perfect candidate to also suffer from allergies. From the dreadful pollen in the spring to the copious amounts of dust with harvest in the fall, the additional care I needed definitely added to my mothers already heavy workload living on the farm.

In reflecting back on all that I put my parents through and now as a mother realizing how much time and energy it actually takes to care for someone who’s sick, I am bound and determined to do anything it takes to strengthen my kids immune system so that allergies just aren’t even a thing and thankfully so far so good.

If you're picking up my mail, tired of starring out the window and done with headaches, fatigue, teary red itchy swollen eyes, sneezing, runny stuffy noses, wheezing, shortness of breath and coughing, skin rashes and possibly even asthma and anaphylaxis, let's visit a bit longer.  I'll share the root causes that are involved with seasonal allergies and 10 ways to address them. 

Let's first understand the root cause of most seasonal allergies. When an allergen is swallowed or inhaled, our mast cells recognize the allergen as an enemy, our body produces antibodies which upon 2nd exposure activate our mast cells to release histamine and the histamine affects mucus and blood vessels causing symptoms such as itching, sneezing, our skin can become hot, swollen, red and tender. Wheezing, shortness of breath and coughing can also occur.

The lungs, as we know, govern our respiration. The nose is the opening for the lungs and therefore is responsible for our sense of smell.

Our lung energy also acts as our defence system, our armour. The lungs are in control of dispersing our energy (Qi) to the surface of the skin to appropriately open and close our pores. The lung also descends our Qi so that the kidney can grasp it to enable a full and complete inhalation.

When there is an interruption in the lungs ability to descend our energy (Qi) and/or the Kidneys inability to grasp it, coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, and asthma can often occurs especially making it harder to breathe on inhalation. 

Because the spleen energy rises upward to support the lung (and also the pericardium and heart), we must treat the spleen to have optimal lung health.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) are able to address the root problem as well as the symptoms by correcting energy imbalances to support our organs. 

So along with the histamine response that occurs when an allergen invades the body, the spleen, lung and kidney can’t be overlooked as a possible culprits in the equation. 

Hindsight being 20/20, if we would've only known to support my lung, spleen and kidney as a child, perhaps treatment could have been drug free and shortened the course of a chronic problem.  And remember when things get chronic they take much longer to treat. We consider something chronic when it has lasted longer than 3 months.

Now that we know the causes of season allergies, how can we go about treatment? 

Before we move on to some food for thought and 10 tools I will be sharing with you and because our emotional state greatly affects our physical well-being, let's briefly discuss which emotions stress the energetic responsibilities of the 3 main organs involved with seasonal allergies.

The emotions that most stress the lungs are sorrow, grief, sadness and guilt. Fear stresses the kidney. Pensiveness, worry and anxiety are the emotions that most stress the spleen.

Think of all the people you know who suffer with seasonal allergies. They would likely admit to suffering with one or several of the these emotions on a regular basis. I see it in the clinic all the time!

For young children that suffer with allergies, it is commonly because they pick up on the emotions that the parents are experiencing. To this point and when my allergies as a child were at their worst, I can only imagine the high level of stress my parents were under during harvest time.  As parents we must understand that our kids are like sponges and often absorb our energy. Their illnesses often act as a mirror and opportunity to help us identify and work on our shortcomings. Perhaps a blessing in disguise? 

OK so now that we know to keep our emotions in check let's talk food and 10 other tools to treat seasonal allergies. Don't worry I have created a checklist for you to download and print off at anytime.

  1. Avoid Allergens.
  2. Because Acupuncture is able to boost immunity and address the proper energetics of each organ, I highly recommend seeing a Registered or Licensed Acupuncturist for Acupuncture treatments and customized herbal advice.  In addition to and in the meantime, see my checklist for acupressure points to massage several times daily. Also begin to rub in front and behind your ears and even give your ears a little pull to change the pressure within the eustachian tube that may be causing added pressure and congestion in the head.
  3. See a licensed homeopath or ND(Naturopathic Doctor) for Homeopathy.  Also check out Bach Flower Remedies. I personally have experienced invaluable benefit from using homeopathy over the years for myself, my family and my clients. This type of medicine does not have side effects and is extremely effective in treating the whole person, including one's emotional well-being.
  4. Diffuse Essential Oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender oil or even add them to your bath. In the free checklist I have for you to download, you'll find instructions for how to make an Allergy Blend for yourself and your loved ones.
  5. An Affirmation that can be repeated as a daily practice can include, "I am one with nature and all cycles, stages and seasons of life. I am healthy and strong."
  6. Manage your stress, Seriously! Stress is always an interesting and often overlooked variable that contributes to a surprising amount of disharmony in the body. 
  7. Using a Neti Pot on a regular basis is very helpful to clean out the nose.  Remember the nose is the opening for our lungs so it is important to keep clean.
  8. Use a non-medicated saline spray several times daily to help break up and clear mucus. 
  9. Cover your neck & ears when it is windy outside. Wind will always exacerbate your allergy symptoms.
  10. Shower before bed to wash away pollen and dust left on your body. A warm cloth on the face feels great at the end of the day and loosens mucus.

On the Food front, I want to encourage you to find and buy some local raw honey as local to where you live as possible so that you will receive micro doses of the pollens you will be most exposed to. Start using it immediately. Take 1-2 tablespoons daily. Ideally begin taking it 1-2 months prior to allergy season.

I have concisely outlined several other helpful food suggestions I recommend you incorporating during allergy season so download my checklist and you will find them there.

You are a resilient, vibrant and beautiful soul. Continue to invest in yourself by making health your 1st priority. You are worth it!



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