Treat Your Specific Type of Headache With Acupressure

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Whether it is a dull achy or a sharp stabbing headache, they are draining and exacerbating and somehow find a way to deplete our life force. The location of a headache tells us a lot about what is causing the pain and agony. There are six different locations on our head that we can experience headaches. For each of these locations there are a few acupressure points that can be used to treat the root cause of the contributing problem.

Whether you are prone to headaches or just experienced them infrequently you know that they stop you in your tracks and that it is difficult to continue carrying out daily tasks in an efficient fluid manner.

There are so many causes of headaches which include things like stress, fatigue, allergies, hormones, nutritional deficiencies, constipation, poor posture, and low blood sugar.

Let's talk about the six different locations and their corresponding and likely cause and in the guide that you can download, you will find how to locate the different acupressure points to use to treat each of the different types of headaches according to their most likely root cause.

Occipital headaches which are on the back of the head and sometimes down into the neck are usually caused from exposure to outside wind and or cold temperatures. They can also be related to sore neck and shoulder muscles.

Frontal headaches which are on the forehead are usually digestive related or even due to dehydration.

Temporal headaches which are in the temples and can go along the side of the head are typically caused by stress and tension leading to stagnation in the body. They can also be caused by exposure to outside wind.

Vertex headaches which are located on the top of the head are typically worsened by stress and can radiate into the eyes. This can be a more complicated type of headache and should be seen by a Registered or Licensed Acupuncturist and Medical Doctor.

Headaches behind the eyes are often related to stagnation or deficiency in liver meridians and can be easily remedied with acupuncture.

When the whole head is in pain and feels like it's in a vice grip the cause is usually from exposure to outside wind or a weakness in the adrenals and kidney energy.

Drafts from air conditioning or fans can cause the same troublesome symptoms as that of outside wind exposure. The upper body and head are most vulnerable to and affected by wind invasion.

CLICK HERE to download my guide showing you which acupressure points to use for which headache and how to locate them.

These points can be used for a lifetime on children and adults the same. Headaches can be crippling and as long as you know the location, you most likely know the contributing cause and can take measures to prevent them and use acupressure points to treat them. This beats the heck out of taking medication unnecessarily.  If you absolutely need to take a painkiller, incorporate the acupressure points simultaneously. Massaging acupressure points is like a deep and whole body massage and who doesn't want that!?  Enjoy :-)


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