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What is your unique constitutional body type? The physical makeup of a person is their constitution and it can often be seen with intrinsic character traits and inclinations.

There are 4 main Chinese Medical Diagnostic methods to gather information for diagnostic and treatment purposes.  These 4 areas include:

  1. Looking
  2. Listening/Smelling
  3. Asking
  4. Touching

For simplicity sakes, I want to cover number one, the looking/appearance, aspect of diagnosis.  There are several aspects to observe, such as a person's demeanor, posture, body shape and movements, facial expression, muscle tone, their shen (spirit, energy, vibe), their hair appearance (ie. brittle, falling out, etc), lips, teeth, gums, and throat. It is important to pay attention to skin complexion. Are there rashes, warts, eczema or other skin issues? What color is their complexion? Pay attention to the eyes, ears, and nose. Are their body movements quick? Are they active or slow and lethargic. Are they hyperactive? Did their bones develop normally? We look at nails and bodily excretions too.

 A Registered Acupuncturist will also ask to do a tongue diagnosis. Yes, it’s a great opportunity to be sassy and stick out your tongue, which is essentially a micro system of the body, each area representing a different part of the body much like reflexology.

I want to teach you how to assess the general constitution of you and your loved ones.  Once we understand our general constitutional tendency, we can learn to understand what we may be more prone to, our strengths and weaknesses, and make diet and lifestyle choices accordingly, many of which I suggest in the free guide to discovering your body type that you can download to help you differentiate and care for the different constitutions in your family.

If this little taste of the Chinese Medical diagnostic process interests you, stay tuned for my upcoming course, Medically Empowered Women, where I will teach you what to look for and its corresponding meaning so that you can be empowered to understand the health of you and your loved ones and not rely solely on others to keep you healthy or reactively intervene unnecessarily. 

Just through observation, our body shape is one aspect of appearance that we look at. Not to judge but to gain a deeper understanding of our constitutional tendency that can give us insight into our core nature. 

Learn of the 4 different body constitutions and decide which most closely resembles you and your loved ones. It is important to stress that such body shapes, male or female, indicate only a constitutional tendency suggesting you may identify with some of the symptoms and characteristics of certain dispositions more than others.  While we may see aspects of more than one different body type in ourselves, we can usually relate with one more than the rest.

A body shape with yin and yang in balance has a medium body build, not too tall, not too short. They are neither too heavy or light in weight and their body movements are balanced. Their personality is stable and this person is able to gracefully adapt to change caused by the stresses of life. They have a strong immune system and when they do fall ill, they recover easily and quickly.

These people may also be able to ‘get away with’ living in an unhealthy way and still live a long life (ie. the person who smokes and drinks his whole life and lives into their 90’s).  Someone with a weaker or excessive constitution, which you will be able to identify in the guide  you can download, doesn’t have such capacity.  A great deal of individual health and constitutional make up comes prenatally and is inherited from our parents at birth but we can improve upon or weaken our health through individual choices that are made along the way day by day over a lifetime. 

We always have the capacity to change the state of our health and well-being.  Remember this!  Our health is never static and you if you feel you need help to change and improve upon things, find it and ask for it!

What constitutional type are you?  Find out here and see what changes you can make to balance things out :-)



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