Let's Talk Immunity and All Things Lung

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OK guys let's cut to the chase and start talking more about immunity and all things lung.

If you're anything like me and have children, you’re slightly preoccupied with what is best for your kids and family in the upcoming months and possibly year(s).? Even if you don't have kids I can imagine you are perplexed by the talk of the anticipated second wave of this pandemic. It doesn’t seem like Covid-19 is going to be what we all aspired for… for things to come and go quickly and just go back to ‘normal’.

We are dealing with a virus, Covid-19, that affects the respiratory system, not to mention all the other viruses that we will come in contact with over the upcoming cold and flu season…Put your seat belts on, we’re in for a ride.

Because we are cutting to the chase, I also want to share a theory that, from my years of clinical experience is absolutely a clinical reality. Our Lung energy is most vulnerable and naturally at its weakest in the fall. 

So what do we need to know about the lungs in order to keep them in tip top order?

By the way and for the record I do not share to philosophize. I will only ever share what I know to be tried and true, effective TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theories that I have successfully put into clinical practice as a Registered Acupuncturist for more than 15 years now. I want to share to empower you to learn and use these time tested Chinese medical fundamentals to benefit the health and happiness in your home.

Really we need to talk all things immunity and the lung is a great place to start.

What are the lungs responsibilities and actions? They extend beyond just breathing...

  • The lungs govern our body’s qi (energy) and respiration, by extracting qi from the air we breathe.
    • When this function is impaired we will see symptoms such as lassitude, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, cough.
  • The lungs are in control of dispersing our qi to the surface of the skin, as a line of defence, to protect us from harmful external factors in our environment that could create illness. In addition, this lung qi helps to nourish, moisten and warm the skin and muscles. It is in charge of opening and closing our pores and regulates sweating, which in turn, helps maintain our body temperature. Our lung qi is kind of like wearing armour over our physical form that acts as a defensive force field and blanket to keep us warm.
    • If the lungs dispersing functions is impaired we will be susceptible to catching everything that comes our way and constantly be fighting some kind of illness.  We will either never sweat or be spontaneously sweating.
  • Because of the lungs dispersing action to the surface of our skin, the lungs dominate our skin and body hair, including the hair on our head.
    • Thin dry hair and rough dry skin, eczema, and hives are examples of likely symptoms of the lungs inability to dominate and positively influence our hair and skin. 

  • In addition to the dispersing action of the lungs qi, the lungs also have a descending function. They descend the qi to enable a full inhalation.
    • When this function is impaired, there may be shortness of breath, coughing, or asthma (especially on inhalation).
  • The nose is the external opening, portal for the lungs, and is responsible for our sense of smell.
    • When the nose is obstructed and discharge is present, things like loss of sense of smell and difficulty breathing can ensue.
  • The lung is considered a yin organ and every yin organ has a yang counterpart and vice versa. So its yang counterpart is the large intestine. The health of the large intestine therefore greatly affects the lung and the health of the lung greatly affects the large intestine.
    • Constipation and diarrhea can be the result of poor lung health or can weaken the lung over time. Conversely, chronic lung issues can affect the health of the large intestine over time.

Every organ has a color, tissue, orifice, sense, emotion, flavor, motion, climate, and season associated with it.

The color associated with the lungs is white. So eating foods that are white like mushrooms, navy beans, and cauliflower are good for the lung. And cauliflower actually looks like a lung so that’s even better.

The tissue associated with the lungs is the skin. As we found out above the lung greatly impacts the skin.

The orifice associated with the lungs is the nose. The nose is like the external gateway to the lungs. Not too surprisingly, the sense associated with lungs is smell.

The emotions that most affect and weaken the lungs are sorrow, grief, sadness, and guilt.

The flavors that most benefit the lungs are pungent (strong tasting) and spicy foods. I have created a list of foods that directly benefit the lungs in a free guide for you to download. Pungent and spicy foods can promote sweating and this benefits the lungs when disturbed by outside influences such as wind, cold, dryness. Pungent foods also help the digestion of rich foods and help to clear mucous in the lungs and large intestine. Be careful because when eaten in excess, pungent and spicy foods can lead to dryness and deplete the lung qi leading the listlessness. The cooking method that is most helpful for the lungs is baking.

The motion associated with the lungs not being in balance is coughing.

The climate that most agitates the lungs is wind, dryness and cold and this is why the season that is associated with the lungs is autumn. Our lungs truly are most susceptible in the fall. Because the neck, upper back and ears are the areas of the body most easily invaded by wind, it is crucial not to leave them exposed for any length of time. Wears scarves and hoods! 

The sound emitted in relation to the emotions (sorrow, grief, sadness, and guilt) of the lungs are weeping, wailing, crying.

The lungs are strained by lying down when they’re congested. Whether young or old, elevate the upper body if the lungs are congested when lying down and resting.

All this along with foods that directly benefit the lung can be found in a free straight forward guide I put together for you to download, put on your fridge to reference often, and begin strengthening the lungs of you and your loved ones. 

This is definitely a blog to share with literally everyone you know to enable them the same opportunity to enhance the health of their lung and therefore their immune system.  The less vulnerable we all are, the better chance we have of not being affected by this virus we are all trying to avoid and the sooner things can return to 'normal'. Strengthen your immune system now to be ready and robust for the upcoming months.

Stay healthy, stay positive, stay present and stay strong!



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