A Letter To All The Children This School Year...

Hey kiddos :-)

Where the heck did summer go? I know it probably seemed as though all the days were beginning to look and feel the same at times in the last few months but here you are already, new grade, new school year.

Before I go about cheering you on, I want to say a few things on behalf of all us parents. It's a five letter word that starts with S and ends with Y. 

S_ _ _Y ... Can you guess what it might be?

Yes, it's SORRY!Sorry that this year has been so weird.

Sorry if I wasn’t being my best self at times during these past few months.

Sorry you didn't get to have closure with last school year and weren’t able to say goodbye to all the people you might've wanted to.

Sorry you shouldn’t hug your friends and can’t see and hug some of the people you love for fear that you could get them sick. I know how much you love and long to see your grandparents.Sorry you must be mindful to keep your distance from people.

Sorry you didn't get to have the kind of celebrations you were looking forward to, whether for your birthday party, your graduation, your sports wind up, your holidays that got cancelled, all of it.

Sorry if it seems like I don’t know what’s going on. To be honest, I don’t really. Parents don't always know what's happening. We’re human too.

Sorry for yelling at you when trying to be your teacher after you were sent home to finish off your school year.Sorry about all the hand sanitizer you have to rub on your hands everywhere we go. I know we don't normally do this.

Sorry for the shield of glass or plastic that now separates the transactions between the store workers and us.

Sorry if all the days seemed the same at times and you felt bored and lonely to tears.Sorry if it felt like I wasn't there for you at times and just told you to “figure it out.” I hope you learned new ways of dealing with different situations.

 Sorry that I'm always telling you not to touch things when we're out.

 Sorry I lost my job.

 Sorry for all the times I've been crabby and short tempered.

 Sorry that your dad (or mom) and I are fighting, or might not be together anymore.

 Sorry for all the times I seemed frustrated and upset. I probably was…Sorry you have to wear a mask when we're in public. Remember how I've always told you to listen to your gut and intuition? Especially now, because you can't see peoples face as clearly with their mask on, listen to and honor yourself if you ever don't have a good feeling about something or someone. 

Sorry you can’t share that beautiful smile of yours that hides behind your mask. Please use your bright and brilliant eyes and kind, caring words to continue spreading your light.

Sorry that I don’t feel it is safe and appropriate to send you to school this September.

Sorry that you can't play the sport(s) you want.

Sorry you have to wear masks at school this year.Sorry you can’t share snacks and treats with your friends at school.

I am sorry if I am forgetting to apologize for something ... 

Mostly I want you to know that I recognize these past few months haven't been easy. It's been a challenging time for you too, not just me. You have handled everything like an absolute champion and I am so proud of you. Thanks for all your help. 

Please forgive me. I am your parent and I take this job very seriously. I am also human and make mistakes and will likely continue making mistakes because this is part of being human. I encourage you to be messy and make mistakes too. I love you and even if I seem mad or upset at times, I will always forgive you and move onward and upward. I hope you too will forgive all my shortcomings now and always.?

Let's start again my sweet one. September is like a new beginning, a new school year, new goals, new experiences. Forever and ever, when you feel you need to switch things up to better suit your wishes, just begin again my love. In your life you may start again a million times and that's just fine. Hopefully with every new beginning you get one step closer to honoring and loving yourself and your needs.

Together let's light a candle, in recognition of this new beginning, and bring our best-selves forward. Together lets be open to the new school rules, even if school is at home.

Together let's bring our bright shiny selves forward and share our light with others by being kind, patient, understanding, helpful, grateful, curious, and respectful.

Together let's gracefully adapt to change and not resist it and allow it to keep us from being our best-selves.

Together let's just be present and not worry too much about the future.

Together let's keep smiling and laughing, even if our face is covered with a mask at times. This is all the more reason to share our kind and encouraging words and smile so big that it shows up in our eyes and uplifts and brings joy and happiness to ourselves and others.

The attitude we bring to all situations strongly shapes our experience of life. We can't control everything but we can always choose our attitude.In this new school year, let's learn and discover new things, make new friends, accomplish our goals, dream big, be creative, be kind and considerate, fill buckets, and surround ourselves with genuine, positive and encouraging people. Let's eat and sleep well and stay active so we are healthy and strong. And remember to laugh lots and make this year the best we possibly can regardless of what may be going on in the world.

I love you. You are a beautiful, radiant being! Now spread your wings and fly my sweet friend.  Soar high and bright this school year :-)


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